Benefits and advantages

Why xcelerates?

The prerequisite for the development of xcelerates was the widely accepted notion that Revenue Management is both a Science and an Art.

That's why we created a new-generation computer system that is able to adapt to each specific hotel property and operate in conjunction with the manager. This provides a comprehensive dialogue and mutual learning between a human and a computer system.

We help you build your Revenue Management business process in accordance with the requirements of today's changing hospitality world, where the computer can excel in performing many analytical and management functions due to increasing amounts of data volume and acceleration of market dynamics.

While solving the problem of reliable profit maximization, xcelerates also helps eliminate major strategic mistakes that often cause significant losses and erode profits.

Benefits and advantages

xcelerates benefits and advantages


The program will pay for itself within a few days of use.


Employs a sophisticated algorithm to determine rates, unprecedented in the industry. The algorithm was developed by a group of scientists and data mining specialists who have been providing algorithmic consulting to a number a Fortune 100 companies. xcelerates is programmed to not only increase the revenue, but the bottom line profit taking into account the property's financial structure and "cost per occupied room".


Customized solution for each property. System analyzes demand and builds a library of sales patterns specific for each individual hotel. The user has full control over all pricing decisions at every step.


Installation is easy and quick and doesn't interfere with the hotel operations. The system is very user-friendly and simple to implement and use on a daily basis. It is adaptable to users with any level of expertise.


Brings all tools in one place and saves time on Revenue Management tasks. Spend less than 20 minutes a day to grow your RevPAR! xcelerates is fully automated, connected to your PM System. No manual input necessary. It also allows to keep a close eye on the group pickup at-a-glance for future days. Can be operated from any computer, by multiple users and allows to manage multiple hotels from one interface.

Extremely Efficient

All data and pricing recommendations are available from day one. See the benefit and the results within the first week! Whether you decide to continue using xcelerates after the trial period or not, we guarantee that you will learn a considerable amount about Revenue Management and the goals your hotel is capable of achieving and will get at least one effective idea that will help you increase your revenue in the future and make your strategy more effective.


Beware! The change will be so positive that you won’t be able to imagine doing business without it!

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